Cancellation Policy:

Once an invoice is remitted, no cancellations can be made.   This is because once your purchase is in processing, the necessary steps are made to prepare production with suppliers on your behalf to initiate production and administration of your product supplied.

Due to the nature on which we process, design, product your order (eg customization, materials, administration), we do not accept cancellation of any orders.  Therefore, PLEASE check your order carefully that your items are itemized as you want in our Invoices, and specifications are correct.

Returns Policy:

Our products sourced through AmzSource are highly customized products and configurations sourced goods tailored to the individual specialized needs of our clients (eg private or custom products).  They are also shipped free of defect.  Therefore, there is no return or exchange on any item(s).   Once payment is remitted for sourced product, and production has started, no refunds are possible.   All products ordered are final sale and usage of the site and payments remitted is acceptance of our refund policy agreement.

Also note, we make best efforts to match colors, providing images and samples wherever possible, however actual colors may vary slightly from images or references shown.   All sales are final sale.

Upon delivery of your product, client has 30 days to confirm product is free of defects – No Exceptions.  In case of product defects, please email with description and photographic documentation.  If the claim is approved, we will credit the defective merchandise from future re-orders, up to 15% of the re-order value used for this credit.


Damaged Merchandise:

All items ship with tracking, if client is using AmzSource to assist the client with shipping logistics.  In this case we will provide full tracking numbers for all goods shipped.

Once receiving your shipment, inspect them immediately upon receipt.   If you believe shipment is damaged or incorrect, please contact email within 3 days of delivery receipt – NO EXCEPTIONS. 

All shipments included Tracking with Delivery Confirmation.  If the tracking is delivered to your designated address, but you have not yet received the order, please contact the couriers numbers below to further investigate the issue.  

USPS:  1800-275-8777

FedEx: 1800-463-3339

UPS: 1800-742-5877

Client is responsible for any additional shipping fees that arise from shipping (for example, but not limited to such as bond, duty, insurance, holding, intermediary transit, harmonized tariffs, taxes).  AmzSource will not be responsible for additional fees arising from logistics and delivery of product not already covered by Client.  AmzSource will make prompt and best efforts to inform Client on any changes to mitigate fees and ensure smooth delivery of product.  

If Client wishes to make any adjustments to original invoices (eg upgrades or changes to the order), AmzSource may send an adjusted invoice to Client reflecting the said changes.  AmzSource will make full efforts to accommodate the Client request within reasonable constraints (production, timeline).

Client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold AmzSource, its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents harmless from and against any and all claims of loss, liability, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and costs) arising out of (i) any misrepresentations by AmzSource or its employees, dealers and agents with respect to the Products or its or their relationship to Suppliers, (ii) any material breach or violation by AmzSource of this Agreement or (iii) any negligent, wrongful or intentional acts or omissions on the part of AmzSource or its employees dealers and agents.

AmzSource must receive the fully invoiced amounts, and not responsible for remittance fees.  The Client is responsible for all cost of remittances.  If there is any deficit received, or additional remittance costs, AmzSource may forward additional invoice to Client to balance the requirement.  Any delays in payment may alter the production and delivery timelines.

Delivery timeline:

Due to the customized nature of sourcing and factory coordination and logistics, AmzSource communicates estimation of delivery timelines for Client as ongoing basis.  We make best efforts to apprise Client of any foreseeable delays.   As such, AmzSource will not be liable for delays in timeline caused by factory/productions,  any Force Majeure Events (for example act of God for example but not limited to fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves, floods; war for example but not limited to invasion, act of foreign enemies, requisition, embargo, mobilization, acts of rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war; contamination by radio-activity from nuclear fuel, or any nuclear waste, toxic explosive, hazardous properties; riots, commotion, strikes, go slows, lock outs or disorder, public nuisances; or acts of threats of terrorism).