Why AmzSource?

Why use AmzSource?


  1. SAVES TIME AND COST – If you ever dealt with dozens of factories to source the next great widget, you know it can take endless hours negotiating with suppliers, only to return to square run or a stalemate. Leverage over 30 years of sourcing experience with our team that negotiates for you best pricing with all the relationships built already.   No need to reinvent the wheel, just use it!  
  2. COMPLETE SOLUTION UNRIVALED - The only end-to-end sourcing solution for Amazon sellers. No need to make phone calls, sift through catalogs, deal with factories.
  3. INCLUDES SHIPPING QUOTATION – whether you want by ship or air shipping, AmzSource has you covered. Receive a quotation for your quantity desired as part of the quotation.   NO need to deal with multiple companies and over extend yourself.  Focus on your business growth and profits, let us worry about sourcing and delivering your products.
  4. CAN INCLUDE QUALITY CONTROL. AmzSource offers quality control service as part of the sourcing that provides unrivaled convenience in the process.  Simply provide the QC (quality control) document, and we handle the inspection for you.   No more dealing with multiple companies and pulling out your hair dealing with factories, and managing shipments.
  5. HANDLE COMPLEX PAYMENTS – We eliminate the risk and fraud by directly processing payments to suppliers to remove the complete headache and worry out of your business.
  6. GET HIGHER PRODUCTION PRIORITY – Working with AmzSource allows you to leverage our premiere partners, and we can push your production queues higher compared to others without the relationship.


Additional Exclusive Benefits:

FREE Warehousing - We offer up to 3 months of warehousing for your product before shipment for FREE.

FREE Photos - We will take up to 6 photos of your product for FREE included with our service.

FREE quality inspection - Included in our services is quality inspection for FREE.   This ensures that the integrity of the product is acceptable.  If you need more detailed QC with specialized testing needs, we can coordinate that as well for you.

Logistical support is included.   We will coordinate your product by oceanic, air, and door-to-door, to your FBA warehouse directly.   Just provide us the shipping labels and we handle the rest for you.