Ways To Find Best Factories In China

Most importers who buy products from China want to find real suppliers from factories, not any intermediaries or trading companies, although this is not an easy task. The topic "How to find a factory in China" is frequently discussed in a variety of Facebook / LinkedIn groups and trade forums linked to "China import." Yet unfortunately, most of the responses are useless, such as visiting China in person or searching Alibaba for Gold Supplier. After I explore all the related topics on the Internet, no solution can work.

I found, though, that nobody is talking about "Why we can't find factories," which I think will make more sense than just asking "How to find factories." And you'll only figure out the best way to get the plant when you know the main reasons for failure. I'm going to explain in this article why Chinese factories are so hard to find in specific sectors and what kind of factories are more likely to be discovered.

1. Some unique products are much more likely made via small factories, which are not clean to be determined:

What type of merchandise you're importing generally is the critical aspect of whether you can seek the real factor because you can't locate manufacturing unit suppliers for every product? I suppose this is the principal cause of why overseas importers fail to find factories. In case you want to supply a few commonplace merchandise along with a t-shirt or socks, you'll find there are masses of trading corporations after looking at Alibaba and Google. However, it’s nevertheless no longer hard to discover a real manufacturing unit dealer. But the scenario could be one-of-a-kind in case you supply some exclusive merchandise, as an instance, self-stirring mug. Because of its less call for inside the marketplace, there are almost no middle/massive-scale factories that can be its producers. So the manufacturers of this sort of mug are very few, and a maximum of them are small factories (likely much less than 30 groups of workers). That’s why the providers you searched on the net are all buying and selling companies. Then I found out that you can’t locate the manufacturing unit.

2. Factories didn’t publish their facts on the English website:

All overseas importers, regardless of they can speak Chinese or not, are all sourcing providers on b2b systems, including Alibaba or global sources, or searching on google. So if a factory doesn’t have any staff who is aware of English, then they can't post their merchandise information on the English website. So there may be no way for foreign importers to find them. It’s very not unusual in china that no person can speak English in a small-scale factory, and most staff are doing paintings related to merchandise and manufacturing and dealing with domestic buying and selling companies. Due to the fact they think that it’s pricey and not very easy to build an English sales crew. As an example, you have to pay approximately USD 4,000 yearly because the member charge; then, you can put up merchandise on Alibaba, which is the so-known as “gold supplier.” Additionally, you need to pay at least USD 7,000 every 12 months for employing a complete-time English sale, and it’s best for pure profits. If his operating capability isn't always like you anticipated, you could get no order.

Considered one of our providers–a small toy manufacturing unit, who has no English-speaking salesperson and only works with domestic buying and selling companies. The centered customers of those factories are Chinese language trading companies so that they have to put up their facts on Asian web sites 1688.Com Which is the largest Chinese b2b platform in china and has higher providers than Alibaba. One thrilling element is that many suppliers on Alibaba commonly go to 1688.Com for locating their suppliers. But it’s tough for overseas importers to source providers without delay on 1688.Com. First, you have to speak Chinese as a mother tongue or is aware of Chinese very well. 2nd you want to be pretty acquainted with all kinds of Chinese language providers. Due to the fact trading company suppliers on 1688.Com are even extra than factories, it’s tougher to differentiate them than searching on alibaba.Com

3. Factories don’t understand online advertising

Even though some factories are Alibaba individuals and have published products there, it doesn’t mean they, in reality, could be searched by using foreign importers. Due to the fact, there are many abilities to be ranked on the first web page of Alibaba searching results, along with keywords settings and pay for consistent with a click, that is just like Google AdWords. Trading companies recognize extra and higher than those factories about those abilities which help them to be without problems searched via importers.

It’s even greater tough to search on Google than on Alibaba for factories. Factories must have their English website and do SEO (search engine optimization), and sem (search engine advertising and marketing) work, including advertising on facebook or LinkedIn, to boom the probability of being searched. Trading businesses additionally ship growing letters to ability clients that searched on google. That’s why maximum small factories cannot be found using importers even they're publishing merchandise on Alibaba. Besides, a few small factories reply to Alibaba's inquiries very sluggish, which may additionally make the importers feel like they may be not reliable and expert, so that forgets about them. So there's one tip for you: those providers who are replying to you gradually, or difficult to talk with, maybe they're the manufacturing facility.

4. Factory continues all statistics in secret if the product has a patent or copyright difficulty

Animation characters are very popular copycats among small Chinese factories. It’s universally mentioned that china is producing all forms of copycat merchandise and exporting each nook of the arena. Once there’s a hot-selling product inside the market, maybe electronics or even a toothbrush, Chinese factories will start to reproduction it and sell low prices. The new issue is, in quite a few situations, importers don’t realize the product is a copycat. It’s typically pretty tricky for imports to find actual factories of this form of product as regarding patent or copyright problems. Those small factories regularly paintings with domestic buying and selling companies so that they could export this form of product to different international locations. So most importers are shopping for from buying and selling companies, in preference to from actual factories. This circumstance regularly happens in masses of electronic merchandise synthetic in Shenzhen. As an instance, an automobile recorder we sourced for one EU consumer. I chose the high charge among extra than 20 providers, but he informed me that the products had been produced via his friend and entrusted him to sell. He additionally claimed that he gained take any customers to visit the manufacturing workshop because it wishes to be stored as secrecy.

Where to find the best wholesale clothing manufacturers in China

  • ? Trade fairs of the clothing industry in China or worldwide countries
  • ? Online B2B marketplace in China
  • ? Sourcing companies, agents or buying offices in China
  • ? Linkedin
  • ? Search on Google

1. Find Chinese wholesale clothing manufactures from fashion exhibitions in China

For many professional clothing buyers, attending various trade fairs in China or countries around the world is a MUST do the task. Most fashion factories can be easily visited in the exhibitions. Some well-known clothing industry exhibitions in China include Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, Global Source Fashion, ACLE, Centrestage Centrestage, etc. Tips for attending presentations: Before attending a show, you should contact some of your target Chinese clothing manufacturers. In this situation, try to arrange an early meeting with them; the clothing manufacturer would have more time to talk with you.

2. Try Online B2B Marketplace in China

Despite attending fashion exhibitions, you can also find clothing manufacturers from Chinese online platforms. The Chinese clothing manufacturers most frequently use the following Chinese B2B marketplace:

  • ? Alibaba
  • ? Global Source
  • ? Made in China

B2B marketplace

You can check for information on these B2B sites and contact other clothing manufacturers, followed by an email script that I use to contract manufacturers in China:

3. Try sourcing companies to help you find the wholesale clothing manufacturers in China

If you don't have enough experience with clothing supply management, you can work with some sourcing companies or buy offices in China to help you find the skilled clothing manufacturers. Typically, in finding eligible suppliers, sourcing companies, or purchasing offices are very competent. Relying on them can save you a lot of time while sourcing, and they can help you get a better price for most of the time.

  • Some sourcing companies in China you can start with:
  • ? Chinabrands - recommended for drop shippers, wholesalers, both small & large businesses
  • ? Dragon Sourcing - recommended for medium & large businesses
  • ? Imex Sourcing Services - recommended for medium & large companies


4. Using Linkedin as one of the methods of sourcing 

There are many Chinese wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers posting on LinkedIn their company record or personal presentation. You can also tackle some proper manufacturing of Chinese clothing on LinkedIn.

6 Big Wholesale Clothing Manufactures in China

1. Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd Shandong

Jining Ruyi was established in 1993, with over 5,000 employees headquartered in Jining, China. Their primary business is cotton wool and fabrics that have been exacerbated. Their return is more than $150 million per year.

2. Shandong Demian Incorporated Company

Shandong Demian was founded in 1997 to host a group of subsidiaries in Dezhou, covering the spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, and knitting of clothing. You will find this vendor's combed knitting yarn, carded knitting yarn, and natural cotton fabric. Their return annually exceeds $190 million.

3. Huafang Textile Co Ltd

Huafang Textile Co Ltd has its headquarters in Zhangjiagang, China, and was established in 1997. Their first company catering for fashion goods, clothes, and raw fabric materials to be produced and sold. I also specialize in yarns of wool, knitted cloths, fabrics of imitation, and electrolytic solutions. In 2017, annual revenue amounted to $260 million.

4. Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Founded in 1994, Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd. specializes in textile, pharmaceutical, electronic equipment, energy, retail, oil, and gas sector. They manufacture and sell worsted fabrics, pharmaceutical products, electricity and heat, and electronic equipment. With a $400 million annual return, they are a pretty big manufacturer with which to work.

5. Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd

Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd is a company that focuses on the production, research, and trade of textiles. In 2000, they went to the public. If you're looking for manufacturers who can make silk cotton and woven warp fabrics, printing, and dyeing, they're the ones you can't miss. In 2017, its revenue reached $1bn.

6. Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd

Weiqiao Wool Company Limited produces and distributes wool, cotton, black, and denim goods. The products include carded, combed, lightweight and open-ended spun cotton yarns; gray fabrics such as flat fabrics, twill fabrics, tribute silk series, jacquard series, and khaki drills; and denims consisting of cotton, cotton spandex elasticity, cotton dacron elasticity, cotton and bamboo blend, bamboo pair, cotton regenerated cellulose fibers blend, and other denims... Weiqiao Textile Company Limited has 54,000 employees, and its annual turn has reached over $1.2 billion.

With Chinabrands, you can also launch your clothing line. Who are the Chinabrands?

Chinabrands is a qualified retail digital company that has already served customers worldwide. Chinabrands.com offers a variety of fashionable style & apparel pieces, including costumes, swimwear, t-shirts, outerwear, sportswear, plus size clothing, bras, shoes, etc. Chinabrands has established a great relationship with over 2000 professional clothing manufacturers in China, thanks to years of experience in the fashion & clothing industry. Operating with Chinabrands in this situation is much better than dealing with your fashion factories.


Believe that, and you're making full efforts to try to cope with 20 clothing factories in China, you're totally in a mess every day, tired of communicating and handling all forms of stuff with exceptional garb factories such shipping, pleasant, inspection, logistics, and so forth. For large organizations, they're professional within the apparel offering chain control; managing garb manufacturers is not that tough for them. However, what about the newbies? Is it worthwhile to put all your attention on dealing with and attempting to find the excellent apparel producers and reduce it slowly in selling and promotion the garments? I guess you’ve provided you with your choice. Rely upon china brands to attend to your clothing chain control and put all of your attention on the promoting and advertising will raise your enterprise dramatically. Observe the eighty/20 precept, eighty% of your strength must be desirous about through promoting the garments even as left 20% of a while working with china brands.

What are you able to get from china brands?

Start your online & offline clothing enterprise at no threat.

Are you in a scarcity of cash for the business? Are you now not inclined to take any risks? Chinabrands have solved all your issues. Their drop delivers service for shops to set you free from hazards and capital issues.

Click on china brands to get the boost merchandise.

Most of the outlets are investing plenty of time in attempting to find worthwhile clothing merchandise. There are higher than lots of retailers purchasing from china brands every day. You are very smooth to see the market developments and hot selling clothing items from the internet site. Go away from the product studies to china brands; you may position one hundred% ability to boost your sales.

Depart SEO activity to china brands, shop some time

Many stores complained approximately the training of optimized SEO products description for online e-trade shops, especially for the brand new starters. Chinabrands is geared up with expert groups to construct definite SEO product descriptions for its organization contributors to add all of the product information to their on-line shop's tons more correctly.

Get wholesale apparel goods in stock within 24 hours.

Are you uninterested in watching for your programs? With the assist of the worldwide warehouses and logistics system from china brands, you could even get your wholesale apparel gadgets within 24 hours. So you understand a way to find the clothing producers in china, and you already know who to paintings with to your clothing business. In my following element, I'm going to show you some often asked queries in the clothing industry. Inside the subsequent component, I am going to proportion with you the stuff you need to recognize while finding garb manufacturers in china.

Stuff you must recognize when finding wholesale apparel producers in china.

  • ? Pick out the wholesaler, sourcing companies, and garb producers
  • ? Discover Chinese language wholesale apparel manufacturers in step with your business capability
  • ? Choose the wholesale clothing producers who can provide test reviews
  • ? Select the apparel manufacturers who have a proper production device
  • ? Divide apparel producers into apparel producers and fabric suppliers

1. Discover the wholesale providers

To discover the exceptional providers at the b2b marketplace is your first task, are they buyers, wholesalers, or immediately apparel manufacturers? You can have a quick understanding of a supplier through reviewing their company web page on Alibaba or global source. Generally, you may understand their commercial enterprise position by using checking their commercial enterprise license. For example, super material weaving, dyeing, printing apparel production, and processing of fabric merchandise. Consistent with this enterprise license, you could note that it’s a fabric producer that is focusing on exporting. If you can’t locate notification of "Production," "Production," or a particular production technique inside the supplier's enterprise scope, in most instances, they may be traders. Such vendors also are listing a numerous choice of product classes in the enterprise scope.

2. Locate Chinese wholesale clothing producers in step with your commercial enterprise ability

Don't search for the large apparel manufacturers most uncomplicated. Large garb producers in china are encouraged for large organizations due to the fact they require a widespread minimal order amount, and they're pretty busy handling large customers who will go away strength, focusing on supporting small groups. Small companies are recommended to find little or medium-sized garb manufacturers with qualified items furnished. You'll get a low minimum order quantity requirement from the one's carriers. What is extra, as compared to massive garb manufacturers, small or medium-sized garb manufacturers will position additional interest in assisting and serving small companies. In this example, small groups get a better carrier from one's providers

3. Pick the wholesale apparel manufacturers who can offer check reviews.

There are numerous certificates or take a look at reports required while exporting apparel to u.S.A., EU, Australia, and a few other international locations. The earlier preference is to pick out the clothing manufacturers who can provide you the entire certificate or testing reviews, consisting of songs take a look at reviews, SST, test records, and so on.

4. Select the clothing producers who have a formal production system

Many professional manufacturers have equipped with an excellent production machine, inclusive of iso 9001:2008. Usually, the quality well known from manufacturers of iso 9001:2008 can be higher than folks that don't have the certification. Besides, the garb producers who can offer necessary and SEDEX certification are those you need to install your precedence suppliers list.

5. Divide garb manufacturers into apparel producers and fabrics providers

If you are already acquainted with the garb imparting chain and you want to dig further and manipulate better excellent manage within the garment manufacturing industry, you could divide garb manufacturers into garb manufacturers and fabric providers. Adequate, we have talked lots at the sourcing of first-rate clothing producers in china. Permits have a brief observe several q&as inside the enterprise.

Discover pleasant clothing objects to promote on-line

What is worth bringing up is that swimwear is china brands (or we will say the Chinese language) power classes with aggressive charge, state-of-the-art styles, and abundant stock. Click on right here to view the swimming gear sports on chinabrands.Com.

Six often requested questions in the commercial garb enterprise.

1. Are you able to introduce me to a few precise clothing manufacturers in china?

In my above Chinese language apparel manufacturers listing, you'll find some massive Chinese apparel producers. If you are trying to get the new listing, you may follow my instruction on the way to find the best garb producers in china, then choose the proper clothing manufacturers for your enterprise.

2. Any advocated excellent Chinese language women's apparel manufacturers?

There isn't a 1+1=2 solution to this query. It depends on your detailed requirements. In my listing of well-known Chinese garb producers, you can locate some excellent producers for the ladies' apparel in china.

3. Wherein am I able to discover proper apparel manufacturers in china?

You could find some suitable apparel producers in china through the following strategies:

  • ? Online b2b market in china
  • ? Sourcing businesses, sellers or buying offices in china
  • ? Linkedin
  • ? Search on google
  • ? Change fairs of the apparel enterprise in china

4. Can I method some high-quality clothing producers in Guangzhou? Do you have got any contacts?

The “first-class garb manufacturers” can be identified when you set up your enterprise approach. A few agencies are seeking out cheap garb factories; then, the fee competitive clothing manufacturers are in some way pleasant for them. Others will look for satisfactory oriented clothing manufacturers, the one's vendors with expert enterprise certificate and qualified manufacturing unit management may be an excellent choice. It's vital with a view to apprehending your enterprise and requirement first; then, you could install an aim to method the "Pleasant clothing producers."

5. I can not buy a massive amount in which to discover the low MOQ clothing manufacturers in Asia?

You could attempt one b2b market or online wholesale internet site to get entry to the low MOQ apparel manufacturers in china. For instance, china's brand is a fantastic desire to start with as they have got within the clothing industry for years and already established a perfect relationship with many famous apparel factories.

6. Are there a few pleasant strategies to find and phone garb manufacturers?

  • A few following methods will help you locate the clothing producers in china:
  • ? Change festivals of the apparel industry in China or worldwide international locations
  • ? Online B2B marketplace in china
  • ? Sourcing corporations, sellers or shopping for offices in china
  • ? Linkedin
  • ? Seek on google

You could check more excellent information from my introduction on the way to locate the satisfactory apparel manufacturers in china.

Voila, we’ve talked a lot on the clothing producers in china, begin your commercial enterprise today in the garb enterprise, you may enjoy this article and let us know your opinion below