Made in china products list

We increasingly live in a service economy, and the exponential advancements in technology over the last 30 years will keep the global manufacturing marketplace in flux.

Despite the fear that may inspire older workers, traditional manufacturing remains a vital part of the business world, with China as its foundation stone. America's newly-established tariffs are an attempt to stifle China's supremacy in the global industry while they seek to return companies to the world's largest exporter through lower corporate taxes and exclusionary penalties. Given this transition, there is no way around how attractive China remains as a center of manufacturing. There is a reason why people are unaware of the tariffs imposed on Chinese goods; they make up a considerable part of the manufacturing economy, and the results of ripples are priceless. How big how small are they?

Here are the top 10 products manufactured in China:

1) Personal Computers 

Personal Computers

The ease of access to information in First World countries is due to the near-ubiquity of personal computing power. The vast majority of those personal computers (PCs) make up China. Lenovo, based in China, surpassed Hewlett Packard in the market share of OC's sales in 2013. But HP climbed back to top in the fourth quarter of 2017. But overall, China's highest computer sales value was exported at $142.2 billion, or 40.9 percent of all computer exports.

2) Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

We're all handheld today, but because they're actually making them, China is on a different level. According to a analysis, they have seen a 105 percent increase in telephone service devices, which includes smartphones, since 2010. Researchers also reported that in 2017, the People's Republic of China sold mobile phones worth $219.4 billion, up 9 percent from 2016. While China's computer exports have dipped slightly over the past five years, smartphones are rising. When you are the smallest, most potent maker, converting computing power into a more portable component pays enormous dividends.

3) Solar Cells

Solar Cells

Going green in the environmental wars is not only a radical boondoggle, but it is also a big business. After all, power is proportional to production. According to industry data, China overtook Germany in 2015 for the most solar capacity, and after more than doubling its solar size in 2016, it is the world's leading market for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. China's solar-powered diodes and semiconductors shipped $26.8 billion in 2017, up 0.6 percent from the previous year. They are the largest investors in solar energy, largely because they use so much of it, and they will only continue to dominate the production of solar cells. From 2008 to 2013, their manufactured solar electric panel industry dropped world prices by 80 percent.

4) Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Stay frosty may be a military maxim, but it represents China's production of HVAC more precisely in the literal sense. By way of a 2015 survey, China manufactures an estimated 109 billion air conditioners, which is about 80 percent of the total worldwide. According to, they imported $14.7 billion in air conditioners in 2017, 33.7% of all air conditioners shipped that year.

5) Shoes


There's an explanation of why Nike, Adidas, and other major sneaker brands are opening factories in China and doing most of their production there. In 2017, they exported rubber and plastic shoes worth $21.6 billion, up 0.8 percent from the previous year. They also sold more than $1 billion (9.1 vs. 7.7) in leather shoes, a pioneer in the high-end tailor-made market, over Italy's second place.

6) Cement


You need cement when you're building. It depends on almost all construction, which makes China so integral to any structural development. They have been at the forefront of cement production for years. For the human body, the vast majority are sold as Portland cement, which is used for concrete, mortar, grout, and amino acids like stucco, while Portland cement is used for commercial growth. Regardless of how it is produced, China — $580 million in 2017, or 6.6% of the overall market— is the world leader in cement supply. But the distance between No. 2 Thailand — $530 million — is not as full on this list as some other manufactured products, and global cement shipments are way down from the $13 billion high in 2013 to $8.8 billion in 2017.

7) Energy-Saving Lamps

Energy-Saving Lamps

Unlike concrete and China's drive towards renewable energy with solar cells, power-efficient illumination in the modern world is similar to a primary need. From 2010-2017, according to a analysis, lamps, lighting, and illuminated signs delivered China's highest surplus growth, up 218.9 percent. That helps explain why more than 80 percent of the energy-saving lamp market accounted for China in 2014.

8) Ships


During the global financial crisis that started in 2008, China overtook South Korea in the overall tonnage of produced vessels even though South Korea's big 3 constructors— Hyundai Heavy, Samsung Heavy, and Daewoo Shipbuilding — own a firm hold on large-container exports. Instead of fighting that losing battle, China swooped in by producing small and medium-sized ships to dominate. It has driven them to grab more than 34 percent of the market share in the first half of 2017 (compared to 22 percent for South Korea). Compared to a pair of your favorite shoes, it's more than made in China if you see a small container ship.

9) Clothing


Production costs are rising in China, but in the manufacture of clothing, they are still near monolith. By way of Textile Infomedia, they rank No. 1 in global textile exports, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the market. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), they export $161 billion in garments a year, but their tight market hold has loosened in recent years with less-skilled workers and the switch to higher-end products requiring up-to-date technologies. No one equals the capacity of China. However, so few countries can take advantage of the small slip of China. It was way back in 2011. Still, the comments Miuccia Prada — the co-CEO of the eponymous, Milan-based fashion behemoth, Prada — said of Chinese manufacturing to the Wall Street Journal still hold: “Sooner or later, it will happen to everyone.”

10) Coal


For many of the products on this list, it has been the case that China has been the world's top coal producer for the past three decades. According to a British Petroleum (BP) quantitative analysis of world energy, while China's coal exports have declined in recent years along with the overall market (from approximately 8.1 billion tons in 2014 to 7.4 in 2016), they are still more than double the closest competitor — India, which has actually increased exports as the competition has deteriorated. But it's still a big difference, highlighting China's manufacturing pre-eminence: China's 3.4 billion tons vs. India's 694 million.

11: Pen


China is one of the world's top pens manufacturers and exporters. You will discover an overwhelming variety of pens in China, ranging from fountain pens to brushes to gift pens. Fountain pens have a high demand everywhere. Likewise, gift pens are particularly popular as they can be conveniently personalized with the company logo and message for product promotion and marketing. Gift pens are a cost-effective means of marketing and are therefore very common among the business community. Metal and plastic are the gift pens that can fulfill importer specification specifications. Plastic gift pens are $0.03-$0.1, while metal gift pens are $0.15-$1.5. Yeah, you can still buy exclusive pens from China even if you have a $1000 buying plan. Besides the availability of a wide range of pens at incredibly low cost, another justification for importing pens from China is the fact that importing pens from China does not require certification or paperwork. Through express delivery, you can ship your order directly to your country without paying any customs duties.

I say you go straight to the pen market in Yiwu to find a reliable distributor if you want to locate Chinese pen suppliers. A plethora of pen suppliers are gathering on the Yiwu market, so you can quickly meet your buying needs. You will also save a lot of time and money by attending the pen market directly instead of visiting a nearby pen factory. If you are interested in importing pen from China, an article is available for reference in Wholesale Pens From China. Typically, people prefer to buy pens from a physical store instead of buying them online. Therefore, if you're going to engage in e-commerce, it may not be a appropriate idea for a service.

12: T-shirt


To import from China, the T-shirt is a very cheap product. If you don't have high style and quality requirements, you can even buy them from China's overstock markets. Many overstock market t-shirts are determined by weighing. You can purchase custom t-shirts at a wholesale price of $1.45-$3.7 in China, as well. The cheaper t-shirts that cost around $1.45 are of lower quality and can only be worn a few days. While the t-shirts costing about $3 are much better in quality and made of a lightweight fabric to wear. It will cost an extra $0.2-$0.5 apiece if you want to get the name printed on the t-shirt. In case you are only purchasing 50-100 t-shirts with a custom logo, the suppliers usually don’t charge a customs fee but will receive a printed minimum charge of $50-$100. The costs may vary according to the suppliers.

13: Sunglasses


Sunglasses in every country around the world is a must-have piece of jewelry. People today use sunglasses as a fashion accessory with the aim of fashion elements rather than a pair of practical lenses. Natural products with a trendy component will always be in high demand, making a good sale. You'll be able to make huge profits if you can determine the pattern in time. So, keep sunglasses as one of the best products to import from China in 2019 in your list of options. A standard plastic frame sunglasses cost about $9 on the us-based Amazon, and traditional metal frame glasses cost about $14. If the theme of the sunglasses is in vogue, the price can also be as high as 20$. Would you like to ask how much it will cost you when you order from China? You're going to be surprised to know that Chinese sunglasses ' price ranges from $1 to $3. High profits can be generated by such low wholesale prices. Specific certifications and regulatory compliance are required to import sunglasses from China, however. For example, importing to the United States needs a certificate from the FDA and a ball drop test, while Europe requires certification from EN ISO 12312-1. I have specific information in another article about the accreditation of sunglasses and how to import sunglasses from China. If you are interested, you can see for reference this article: Chinese wholesale sunglasses.

14: Phone protector glass

Phone protector glass

Mobile phone accessories can also be imported from China as quite cheap products. Accessories include window cover, the case for mobile phones, a tray for car phones, etc. These are small objects in the market with massive demand. Even, you don't have to think about brand changes while considering selling mobile phone devices, except for the protective cover, which must be updated according to the new mobile releases. So, if you start with limited procurement costs and also lack experience, accessories for mobile phones will be a safe choice.

The phone protector glass price is approximately $0.13-$1. The protector glass falls in the same price range for different mobile phones, mainly because glass quality remains constant. Nevertheless, irrespective of the protector glass size, by selling them on Amazon, you can make significant profits. The car's phone owner is something drivers like very much for. It's a practical product, but buyers are much less than phone protector glass buyers and cell phone case buyers. Not everyone has a car, but there's a cell phone for everyone. The phone holder's wholesale price ranges from $0.6-$2. I suggest you look for distributors directly online when you purchase mobile phone accessories from China. There are several Chinese vendors on websites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Dhgate, so after a bit of work and purchasing goods, you can quickly discover the best supplier. It is important to note that there are relatively small MOQs from Aliexpress and Dhgate. Suppliers are also prepared to take on a small order of 100 pcs. When you buy from Alibaba, however, the MOQ is quite high and typically more than 1000 pcs per order.

15: Socks


Socks are a consumer product that is used regularly and therefore has a significant market share in the retail sector. The demand for socks in the market is growing due to the rising trends in style. The sock is also a product with a significant profit margin, in addition to having good market demand. The price of the most common cotton socks on Amazon in the United States is about $3 per pair, while ordinary cotton socks in China cost about $0.2 per couple. The price difference is more than ten times, which means it can be an extremely profitable company to import socks from China.

There are many other types of socks, as well as cotton socks, such as silk stockings, wool socks, yoga socks, and so on. If you think the market has too many sellers of cotton socks, you might consider selling other types of socks. Silk storage is consumable, effortless to break, and there is also very high demand. The wholesale price ranges from $0.37 to $1.47 for silk stockings. Some manufacturers and factories for China's socks are in Yiwu, Zhuji. Yiwu and Zhuji are very similar, and socks on the Yiwu market sometimes come from Zhuji as well. I say you go first to the Yiwu market, and if you can't find the socks you want on the Yiwu website, you can go to Zhuji, where you will find a lot of suppliers. Want to try the most competitive price for the footwear manufacturers? Contact us free of charge.

16: Cheap Lego Toys

Cheap Lego Toys

We often get a lot of inquiries about the wholesale price of building block toys such as Legos. Such toys are being sold at a high price. Distributors, of course, consider buying from China to have a lower price and more profit margins. Indeed, there are many factories in China, producing toys like LEGO for building blocks, and the prices are also meager. Toys such as jigsaw puzzles and robot assembly are also available at low cost in addition to the ordinary building blocks toys, which gives importers a lot of choices. But be aware of the copyright regulations when you choose to sell this product in your country. Several nations are paying close attention to copyright, like the United States and Europe. Consequently, selling building block toys as LEGO may lead to copyright infringement, and you may get in a lot of trouble.

17: Beach foot pad

Beach foot pad

Most people nowadays like going for holidays to beaches or seaside. Now what we need is a pair of stylish slippers for our beach day. With your boots on, you can't go into the ocean, but if you're leaving the feet on the beach, you've just misplaced your first pair of shoes. When you roam bare feet on the sand, your feet are easy to burn and cut. But you're free to spend the beach days with the sandy footpad. Beach foot pads are made of a special material that, after being applied, is as comfortable as bare feet. The pads are also scratch-resistant, rain-resistant, heat-resistant, and slip-resistant, making it a perfect option for water sports enthusiasts. It is easy to wear these foot covers. You have to cut off the pad's adhesive tape, pin it to the foot, and it's done. If you don't think many people around you are familiar with this amazing product, this could be your chance to expand your business. In China, this beach footpad's wholesale price is $0.45, and Amazon's us-based price is $3. The inexpensive beach foot pad is the best product to import from China if you want a fresh and affordable product.

18: Smart backpack

Smart backpack

Recently, a smart backpack has become quite popular. This backpack is fitted with a battery and a USB port. The pack is durable and has features that are anti-theft. The bag also has more storage compared to regular packs. This multi-functional backpack has become a trend, making it more comfortable to fly as well. Such containers can be priced at a higher price than standard ones. In China, the cost of these backpacks is $6 to $13, which helps vendors to make a lot of money. Nonetheless, it is advised to pick sea freight to ship the smart backpack with batteries. Because thanks to its battery, it will face lots of problems with the wind. If you want to save money, of course, or if you don't need sea freight, of course. I can tell you that some Chinese freight forwarders can help you transport your goods to your country in some unique ways.

19: Inflatable lounge

 Inflatable lounge

The inflatable lounge was in style, but as a suggested item can no longer be used. But how do we become popular with these products and how can we find them on time? Several clips were spread through the internet at the start. After that, there were a lot of good reviews, and this inflatable lounge was used by most of the guests. Photos and videos were also uploaded on the internet. When celebrities have a substantial impact, people have started to feel that this inflatable lounge is fun and convenient to use. That's why people want to buy all kinds of things even if they can't use them. So, if you happen to sell this product, you will make a huge profit. You should also pay close attention to social media and look for great products. When you find such a product, find a Chinese supplier, have that product imported to your country immediately, and seize the business opportunity.

20: Reverse inverted umbrella

Reverse inverted umbrella

The umbrella is built to get on and off the bus in the rain and is popular with motorists. Unlike ordinary umbrellas, inverted umbrellas are collected upwards, and without getting wet, you can easily get into the car. The reverse inverted umbrella manual's wholesale price in China is about $3, while the automatic version costs $4.5. Usually the order amount of these umbrellas is more than 500 if you want a custom logo, and the manufacturing period of the model and factory usually is 10 days. Nevertheless, if you don't need a personalized item, there will be about 300 parts of the MOQ (Minimal Order Quantities).

Manufacturing Is Still Centered In China

Notwithstanding some difficulties upgrading its employees and using more modern technology to create better products more effectively, China remains a great place to do the manufacturing of your business. Sourcify cites three reasons for this: better quality, replication capacity, and higher output, all of which helped to create the goods on this list.