5 Types Of Chinese Trading Company

I will list the best Chinese trading companies in this article that will improve your sales without spending a penny on advertising. I'm going to help you find the most suitable Chinese trading company to work with to make good use of trading companies. Many importers have a misconception about buying from China's trading companies as they brand them as intermediaries. To get the best price, they think it's more ideal for dealing directly with factory suppliers. Also, several Google articles compared buying from the factory direct and buying from the trading companies. Most of them, however, share subjective views based on their interests. I'm about to tell you everything you need to know about dealing with Chinese trading firms, and I promise you with my advice that you will find the knowledge very useful. Read on; I guarantee you're going to learn a lot.

What Is A Trading Company?

A trading company is a corporation that brings together buyers and sellers in the same country or countries. Trading firms can also be described as intermediaries between producers and wholesale suppliers/retailers. Trading firms are experts, in-laws, legislation, and processes for import and export. They deal with multiple manufacturing companies to maximize their sales. By identifying products, they set up their marketing networks and negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers. To create a large pool of trading partners in China, trading companies hire sales agents in domestic and foreign markets to attract orders and sell their products. Next, verify if the items are in inventory when using the online form. Check at the items on display if it's offline. Factories typically have questions on the show that belong to a particular industry. If the company does have a wide range of products, however, it is most definitely a trading company. Assuming a specific supplier has different types of fishing rods on display while the others have fishing rods together with other gears such as reels and lures used in a fishing tackle. Which one thinks you're a factory? In terms of price, the best choice for individual field trading companies is because they offer relatively similar prices to the manufacturing company. To get quality products at reasonable prices, your target remains, and you are willing to cooperate regardless of whether it comes from a factory or a trading company, the trading company is your best option, particularly if you have a relatively low MOQ.

Why Should You Buy From Chinese Trading Companies?

There are many benefits to purchasing from Chinese trading companies. Many wholesale distributors and retailers don't even know the manufacturers because the trading companies are regular at their doors to track the flow of their goods supplied. An example is a case in which you are selling parts for motorcycles. To buy parts for five different brands of bikes, you will need to patronize five different factories. In such a case, you will find a smarter option for a professional machinery company that will save your time and effort while patronizing the manufacturing companies. Usually, mechanical trading companies also have a lot of factory tools you might never learn about. This is because locating these factory services on Google or Alibaba is difficult for you because they are not good at online marketing and would prefer to work with trading firms to boost their sales.

There are many other explanations for buying from them;

  • i. Trading firms understand customers better than manufacturers and are therefore more likely to sell more appropriate products for that region.
  • ii. Similar to the manufacturers, they provide better customer service. Establishing markets is difficult, so they better serve their clients carefully.
  • iii. Many Chinese trading companies do not like to have the experience and ability to export their goods to sell to small manufacturers. Most of the products of these manufacturers are usually low-priced and a benefit transmitted to you directly.
  • iv. Some factories have a minimum order quantity requirement that is very high and not affordable to small buyers. The trading companies that buy in large quantities and sell according to the needs of the customers simplify this.
  • v. Trading firms promote products they sell that are not provided by manufacturers. It is up to them to make every effort to promote their products and prove themselves worthy of the customers to ensure that their products are sold.

15 Best Chinese Trading Companies to Rocketsky Your Store

1. Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Company Limited

Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Company Limited

Officially registered in July 1999, Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Company has a capital of 27,581 million yuan. They sell goods to 70 countries and regions with a workforce of 66 employees — at least 200 of their product lines. China's trading partners internationally recognize it as one of the most trusted. This is because of their shared reciprocity and mutual benefit, high-quality product, and business intent understanding. Fast noodles, coffee, boiling bamboo shoots, medical products, sweet herbs, carpets, fireworks, televisions, edible fungal products, honey and bee products, hemp plastic products, and toys.

2. Yiwu Trading Company

Yiwu Trading Company.

This is a U.K.-based Chinese trade company that helps companies import unique and valuable goods from China. Ate Gateshead (Northern England) and Yiwu China are located in their central offices. The services that this company offers are not specific but based on the needs and desires of each customer. We have an experienced team for both small and large companies to supply. Identifying products, negotiating prices, and transporting them to the destination of the buyer is their crucial function. Because of their long experience in this business, they have set up an international transport solution network. It allows them to deliver goods to consumers efficiently and safely without delay.

3. Soto Imports

Soto Imports

If you are looking for a Chinese trading company that knows how to establish markets for any kind of product, this company will serve you exceptionally well. They believe the billion-dollar Chinese market is “up for grabs,” and every product is worth the sale. They endeavor to offer their customers with efficient and personalized service. Their clients enjoy the diversified overseas markets, which continue to grow daily. Other than their trading activities, Soto Imports oversees millions of dollars in trade every month. Soto Imports has over ten years’ experience exporting and importing products across many countries. Among the main products imported by this company include; consumer wholesale products, electronics, and cleaning supplies.

4. Cheung’s Trading Company

Cheung’s Trading Company

Cheung's trading company is a family-owned Chinese business that opened its doors in Windsor in 1985. It started as a small Chinese health food wholesaler. It is currently one of South Ontario's leading health food stores. In the USA, Europe, Canada, and Mexico, it has formed customers. Through sales agents expanding in many markets and growing demand for Chinese herbal supplements, with this business, you are more likely to double the revenue. Very few companies are engaged in a factor that makes it highly dependent on medical and nutritional supplements. Some imported products include vitamins for arthritis and pain, drugs for diabetes, strength and immune boosters, herbal teas, and women's health products.

5. Tai Yick Trading Company

Tai Yick Trading Company

This is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 50 years. Standard orders are delivered within 5-7 days, and you should return items in no more than ten days after delivery in case of damage or otherwise. Tai Yick is specialized in the importation from Shiwan, Mainland China of high quality, and beautiful ceramic figures like Buddha, three wise men, and dragons. Most of the products this business sells have the town's reasonable price. Some of the products are hand-painted in multicolor, while others are in a monochrome beautifully designed. The pots, bottles, plates, pans, umbrella stands, sculptures, garden stools, etc. are among the ceramic pieces in their shops.

6. Nanjing Maxfit Trading Company Ltd

Maxfit Trading was set up in 2016 as a specialist in imports and exports. Its headquarters is in the city of Nanjing. They aim to provide product beyond expectations and always concentrate on co-benefits and win circumstances. They deal in and out of their country in all kinds of products. Through connecting with China trading partners, they strive to help overseas producers grow their markets and also help Chinese manufacturers sell their products abroad. In addition to importing and exporting goods, Maxfit also helps international buyers find the most suitable manufacturing facilities in China. They are looking for potential buyers from any country in this world to create a broad market and integrate them into their supply chain.

7. NEXAVAR Trading company

NEXFAR Ltd is a specialist purpose trading company. Many pharmaceutical companies in China rely on Nexfar for the worldwide marketing of their products. They offer a wide range of APIs from leading companies from developed industries manufactured in China. We help people establish and set up business in Mainland China because of their knowledge of market trends and expertise. Since setting up their business, Nexfar helps to import pharmaceutical raw materials as well as to purchase finished products from overseas markets. Their main products include; drug ingredients, excipients, raw materials, products from chemistry, oncology, and genetics.

8. Beijing Chaopi Trading Company

Beijing Chaopi Trading Company

Commercial & Trading Co. Beijing CP. Ltd was founded in 1987 and had 500 million yuan registered capital. It has the largest distribution network of 20,000 retailers in and around Beijing. Whatever their customers need for products and services, they are always ready to help. They serve as a wholesaler and product agent providing sites to e-commerce, shopping malls, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, and exclusive stores. Champi has 30 branches, 17 of which are based in Beijing, where the company is more concentrated, to cater for all these trading partners in China. Their efficient transport is facilitated by the 300 GPS-enabled vehicles of the company which are dispatched with the help of computers.

9. Young & Young Trading Company

Young &Young Trading Company

With over 53 years of service to its Asian customers and others abroad, this is one of the oldest Chinese trading companies. They are specialized in importing and wholesale to any established market in Asia and Canada. Their main customers are food distributors, retail outlets, food producers, and food service centers. They have over 800 different items in their warehouses at the moment. Most of the products come from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

10. EL-Hashem Trading Group Co. Ltd


It was established as a private limited company in Hong Kong in November 2009. Today, Chinese chemicals and machinery are among the known import and export business in China. We have a professional group of performance controllers and a stringent QC process to ensure that the goods supplied are of the best quality. Chemical raw materials, agricultural products, automotive parts, computers, and peripheral equipment are among the products they trade on.

11. Xiamen ITG Group

Xiamen ITG Group

Xiamen is an ITG Holding subsidiary founded in 1980. It is a state-owned company and was included in the top 100 companies listed in China. Since it was listed on the stock exchange, because of their trustworthy, many traders turned to import through them. We are trained in three broad sectors. These are the management of the supply chain, activities of real estate, and financial services.

12. Orient International Enterprise Ltd

Orient International Enterprise Ltd

Founded in 1984, Oriental International Enterprise Ltd was later listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. OIE was initially established as a supply chain for the import and export sector of textiles and clothing. It is currently one of China's most prominent fabric and fashion exporters. It has now diversified its business and includes the following: international shipping and service, medical equipment importation, IT services, declaration of customs, and inspection of commodities.

13. MrSourcing 


MrSourcing has been buying Chinese products for customers in Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America for the past five years. It is specialized in the sourcing of products and control of quality. MrSourcing is an excellent sourcing business dealing with the following products: ceramic washbasins, porcelain WC pans and toilets, shower enclosures and accessories, light machining mirrors, and magnifying mirrors and machine parts that are not illuminated.

14. Sinergia Trading Company

Sinergia Trading Company

Sinergia Trading Company was founded in 2010 to compensate for Western buyers ' inadequate supplies. As a distribution company, it has extensive experience in setting up trading partners in Asia, negotiating with them, purchasing and exporting all kinds of goods for its consumers in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. They assist in the following areas: quality control, ordering, directing and interpreting document management, and monitoring of shipping.

15. The Best Chinese Trading Partner - Chinabrands


Chinabrands was established in 2004 and grew up as a dropshipping brand name. Besides, we also provide you with a qualified wholesale service. They offer a one-stop shipping service from product sourcing, product publishing, shipping system integration, all. Only to promote your store is what you need to do. Chinabrands auto integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, Wish, Aliexpress, Cdiscount, Jumia, Priceminister, and so on. For over 5000 checked exclusive suppliers, you can buy what you need for Zero MOQ at the wholesale price. They also have a discount point system and CB points that can be substituted as payment.

Chinabrands also provides SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can access to your online stores and upload to them. This will save you plenty of time to write explanations of items and help rate your stores higher to generate more traffic for more sales. With about 200 different shipping categories available, Chinabrands ensures that the item is shipped to the consumer without any problem. They act as the speed of light, and regardless of what happens, the goods are always delivered within two days of ordering. And even when the service is damaged, they will take full responsibility for it in the process of distribution. That means you're not going to face a loss through them. API software ensures full integration of the end-to-end process with the Chinabrands network and provides updates in real-time

Features Overview:

  • ? Source from 5000+ verified exclusive manufacturers
  • ? 500+ million products of 172 categories
  • ? No minimum order requirement
  • ? Cheap wholesale price from $0.3
  • ? Extremely strict on quality inspection by the professional QC team
  • ? Heavy discount and CB point offset as payment
  • ? Global shipping with Next-day delivery
  • ? Free to download/Sync SEO-optimized product listing
  • ? Auto order fulfillment
  • ? Seamless integration with 20+ platforms
  • ? 24/7 customer service

With Chinabrands (CB), you only need four easy steps to do business:
Import products from CB? Make sales in your store? Place an order from CB? CB ship the products

How to Find Best Chinese Trading Companies?

It's quite easy to get the right information in today's world; however, how to check whether the information is authentic is a big problem. There are many ways that you can use to get China's best trading firms.

  • Trade Shows- These shows are organized very often in all major cities in China. You only need to visit them and get to know them one on one.
  • Searching on the internet- This is where all the companies you are looking for.
  • Magazines, newsletters, and newspapers- Most companies advertise themselves via these media. Their contacts and websites are usually provided.
  • Referrals- This is the most efficient and resource free method and the information provided is authentic

How to choose/identify as your partner a Chinese trading company?

That's what's breaking your business and making it. Any business poses to do better than the other, and it is up to you to decide how to find the most suitable for your company.

Here are the considerations to take into account when selecting the right trading partner in China.

  • Amount of capital- It's more advisable to choose companies with huge operating capital, for it signifies their strengths.
  • ISO Certification- Is the company ISO certified or not. If it’s approved, it is the right choice but verify the document.
  • Operating Business License- The best company will have a valid business license and ensure it’s the best choice, you may consider searching for trophies it has won.

If you are green in importing from china or you would see as a substitute focus on advertising than losing time sourcing for providers regardless of that you are experienced in it, it could be a perfect preference to have a sourcing organization handle your complete china dealer chain. They will let you discover dependable factories that render customization for merchandise in case you want one. They provide offerings consisting of getting the product customization information, production follow-up, and shipping association.

The sourcing group's best advantage is in supplying extra options on suppliers, bendy fee contrast, and time-saving. You may hold turning down the suppliers they create till they discover the one that suits your taste. An unprofessional sourcing enterprise is understood to create several problems, and you may be left complaining approximately the inferior excellent merchandise, too high charges, terrible conversation, and so on. They'll additionally waste your time with now, not comprehending your request and asking too many questions only to lose it slow and energy. You could end up regretting now not contacting the manufacturing facility immediately. You could find sourcing groups on Alibaba and through a google search. If you have the method, you could come to china for the canton truthful. You'll see numerous big sourcing organizations inside the transport vicinity. However, it’s tough to tell if they may be right or wrong until you began operating collectively cooperatively.

Over to you

Any business wondering employer will at all times engage buying and selling groups to simplify their operation and positioned higher attempts into other departments. Searching for distant places markets is time and financially consuming. Choosing the proper Chinese trading organization valuing them as you'll to certainly one of your enterprise departments can not most uncomplicated increase your sales; however, take the business to the level of an across the world diagnosed institution. Or you might need more statistics about practical pointers on order from china. However, if you have any further thoughts, please kindly leave your comments underneath.